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Lakhanpur Checkpost

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Lakhanpur is the gateway to the State of Jammu and Kashmir. It is contiguous to the State of Punjab and all the incoming and outgoing vehicular traffic passes through this town. 90% of the import of trade goods takes place through the Lakhanpur Checkpost, which works round the clock.

The Check Post, Lakhanpur was established in June 1968.

Functions :

1.    Collection of information with regard to import / export of taxable and non taxable goods into / from the state besides surveillance and vigilance to thwart the attempts of unscrupulous elements to evade tax under the provisions of the J&K VAT Act, 2005 and CST Act, 1956.
2.    Levy and collection of entry tax at the prescribed rates on the ‘schedule’ goods imported into the State for use or consumption by any ‘person’ other than registered dealer (s) or Government of India Department (s), under the Jammu & Kashmir Entry Tax on Goods Act, 2000.