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S.No. Form Description
1. FORM VAT-01 Application for registration as VAT/Voluntary/TOT Dealer
2. FORM VAT-01-A

Information about Proprietor, each partner (in case of partnership), Director (in case of private company) separately and Karta of HUF.

3. FORM VAT-01-B Details of Additional places of business
4. FORM VAT-01-C Declaration of business Manager and person(s) as authorized to receive notices and documents
5. FORM VAT-02 Application for registration by a casual dealer
6. FORM VAT-03 Value Added Tax Registration Certificate
7. FORM VAT-04 Turnover Tax Registration Certificate
8. FORM VAT-05 Registration Certificate for a Casual Trader
9. FORM VAT-06 Application for renewal of certificate
10. FORM VAT-07 Register of dealers Registered under VAT/Turnover Tax
11. FORM VAT-08 Register of casual traders
12. FORM VAT-09 Notice directing payment of penalty under sub-sec(2) of Section 30
13 FORM VAT-10 Cancellation of Registration
14. FORM VAT-11 Quarterly Value Added Tax Return
15. FORM VAT-11-A Annual Value Added Tax Return
16. FORM VAT-12 Quarterly Turnover Tax Return
17. FORM VAT-12-A Annual Turnover Tax Return
18 FORM VAT-13 Quarterly Return to be furnished by a Casual Trader
19 FORM VAT-14 Notice for submission of Return under section 31 (2)
20 FORM VAT-15 Challan for payment of money into Treasury
21. FORM VAT-16 Notice of Tax Audit
22 FORM VAT-17 Notice under section 39
23. FORM VAT-18 Notice under section 40
24.  FORM VAT-19 Notice under section 42
25 FORM VAT-20

Register of cases fixed for hearing

26 FORM VAT-21 Notice of Demand
27 FORM VAT-22 Challan for payment of Demand
28 FORM VAT-23 Receipt for Bank Draft/Cheque
29 FORM VAT-24 Receipt Schedule
30 FORM VAT-25 Daily Collection Register
31 FORM VAT-26 Demand and Collection Register of Quarterly Tax
32 FORM VAT-27 Demand and Collection Register for tax other than quarterly tax
33 FORM VAT-28 Recovery Certificate
34 FORM VAT-29 Register for Recovery Certificate
35 FORM VAT-30 Notice for recovery
36 FORM VAT-31 Monthly Statement of collection by the Collector
37 FORM VAT-32 Application for stay of Recovery/Extension of date for payment of demand
38 FORM VAT-33 Intimation under section 44 (10)
39 FORM VAT-34 Notice of Attachment under section 45
40 FORM VAT-35 Refund Order
41 FORM VAT-36 Refund Adjustment Order
42 FORM VAT-37 Advice for Refund to the Treasury
43 FORM VAT-38 Indemnity Bond
44 FORM VAT-39 Order for recovery of tax out of Refund
45 FORM VAT-40 Refund Register
46 FORM VAT-40-A Application for refund of input tax under section 53
47 FORM VAT-40-B Application under section 55 (4)
48 FORM VAT-41 Application for cancellation of voluntary Registration Certificate under section 28(4)
49 FORM VAT-42 Intimation regarding cross checking of transaction under section 91(3)
50 FORM VAT-43 Notice for cancellation of registration granted under the J&K GST Act, 1962
51 FORM VAT-44 Application for enrolment as Authorized Representative
52 FORM VAT-45 Application for grant of tax clearance certificate
53 FORM VAT-46 Tax Clearance Certificate under section 57 (1)
54 FORM VAT-47 Notice for payment of Balance Tax
55 FORM VAT-48 Input Tax Register
56 FORM VAT-49 Output Tax Register
57 FORM VAT-50 Invoice
58. FORM VAT-51 Retail Invoice Form
59. FORM VAT-52 Audit Report under section 60
60 FORM VAT-53 Statement of particulars required to be furnished under section 60
61 FORM VAT-54 Notice of hearing under section 60 (3)
62 FORM VAT-55 Undertaking by Driver
63 FORM VAT-56 Notice of hearing under section 66 (6)
64 FORM VAT-57 Refund Application
65 FORM VAT-58 Way Bill
66 FORM VAT-59 Delivery Note
67 FORM VAT-60 Certificate of ownership
68 FORM VAT-61 Declaration
69 FORM VAT-62 Receipt and Delivery Register of Transport/Clearing Agency
70 FORM VAT-63 Register of Goods and Despatched from the State
71. FORM VAT-64 Personal Bond with two sureties
72. FORM VAT-65 Declaration for import and Export
73. FORM VAT-66 Notice of hearing under section 67(5)
74. FORM VAT-67 Notice of hearing under section 67(10)
75. FORM VAT-68 Statement of cash security under section 67(10)
76 FORM VAT-69 Security Register
77 FORM VAT-70 Appeal to the Appellate Authority under section 72
78. FORM VAT-71 Register of appeal for Appellate Authority
79 FORM VAT-72 Register of Appeals maintained by the Assessing Authority
80 FORM VAT-73 Notice for condonation of delay etc. under Rule 74
81 FORM VAT-74 Notice for rectification of defective Appeal Memo
82 FORM VAT-75 Notice for hearing of appeal
83 FORM VAT-76 Summons to appear in person and/or to produce documents
84 FORM VAT-77 Authorization to attend proceedings on behalf of dealer under section 84(1)
85 FORM VAT-78 Certificate of Authorization
86 FORM VAT-79

List of persons enrolled as Authorized Representatives

87 FORM VAT-80 Application for registration by Transport Agency etc.
88 FORM VAT-81 Certificate of Registration for Transport Agency etc.
89 FORM VAT-82 Monthly return of clearing, forwarding transporting agency etc.
90 FORM VAT-83 Show cause notice for penalty
91 FORM VAT-84 Notice under sub-Section 78
92 FORM VAT-85 Application under section 87
93 FORM VAT-86 Suspension notice under section 27(7)
94 FORM VAT-87 Order of suspension of certificate of registration under sub section 7 of Section 27
95 FORM VAT-88 Order of restoration of Registration Certificate
96 FORM VAT-89 Order of release of goods seized under section 67